How to choose your colored lenses: discover the most suitable for your needs

Sunglasses with colored lenses with a pop soul: they are an accessory we’ve always seen on the faces of icons of music and cinema, so much that a few colors have become real symbols of style to take inspiration from. Let’s face it - the right pair of sunglasses with the right colored lenses can really make any outfit take off!

But it’s not just a matter of fashion... did you know that each color has a precise function? Depending on the color of the lenses you choose to wear, you will have a very different color rendering and a higher or lower intensity of the light that hits your eyes. Therefore, it is good to know the pros and cons of each colored lens to know which pair is the most suitable for each circumstance. 

As for style, we are sure that with each and every pair of No Logo Eyewear sunglasses you’ll be always good to go!

Discover all the features of colored lenses:

Yellow lenses

They increase contrasts when the light is low. When to wear them: they are perfect for driving at night or in the fog.

Brown lenses

They increase the level of contrast, but can change the perception of colors. When to wear them: they are highly recommended for those who practice snow sports, because they can soften the reflected cold light. They are perfect even in conditions of intense sunlight.

Green and Grey lenses 

They both don’t tweak real colors and are comfortable to the eye. When to wear them: they are passe-partout colors, always great and real must-haves.

Blue Lenses

They make warm colors lose brightness, but they shield white light well. When to wear them: they are less suitable when you are driving because warm colors are often used in street signage, but they are perfect for activities near the water or in fog situations, where white light is reflected.

Pink lenses

When to wear them: they are more suitable for days when the sun is not too intense, because they offer a slightly lower protection than the other colors. They’re super stylish though, so, definitely grab yourself a pair!

All clear?

Hard to choose just one color... but fear not, no one has ever said that we must have only one pair of sunglasses!

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