Find the perfect sunglasses for your face tone

We often talk about how sunglasses fit the facial shape, we’ve read it in countless fashion blogs.
However, it’s less common to read tips about frame colour to choose for your skin tone. We know that the classic total black choice isn’t always a matter of style!

Don’t worry, No Logo Eyewear team will recommend your perfect sunnies’ shade starting from your skin tone:

Cold skin undertone

It’s easy to recognize a cold skin undertone: if your skin usually get sunburned and you have blue, gray or green eyes, you’d probably have a cold skin undertone. Your perfect frame shades would be green, purple, blue, pink or silver and you could choose blue, pink, green or silver gray lenses.

Warm skin undertone

People with warm skin undertone are characterized by tanned skin and brown, hazel or black eyes.
If you have a warm skin undertone, you’d choose a red, brown, beige, orange, gold or yellow frame with intense and bright colored lenses or warm brown ones to enhance your skin tone and face harmony.